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Faculty Outline

Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics consistently aims to provide education that effectively balances theory and practice as well as reflects the international atmosphere of the City of Yokohama, an urban center of vigorous trade and port activity.

Required Student Characteristics

The Faculty of Economics aims to foster in students the ability to sensitively interpret important problems for the economic society and clearly analyze these while dispassionately analyzing directions for problem resolution. These skills are necessary for resolving the problems that face people not only in Japan but throughout the world. More specifically, the faculty welcomes potential students who have

  1. Basic academic skills in mathematics and foreign languages;
  2. Desire to acquire the ability to not only access required information, but also edit that information in accordance with their own thinking as well as produce their own information; and
  3. Are not only filled with intellectual curiosity, but also desire to develop pragmatism enabling them to realize new perspectives and ideas.

Admission Capacity: 238

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