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【Modern Economics Seminar】Schedule for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

The seminars are held as part of the YNU Center for Research in Microeconomics research activities.

Date and Location

Thursdays from 17:00 - 19:00
Room203, Graduate School of International Social Sciences
*Date and Location are subject to change. Check the schedule for details.
Updated January 27
Time and DateSpeakerTitleNotes
1/28(Thu)Zhihong Chen
(University of International Business and Economics )
"International Worrkshop on Applied Microeconomics"
Identification of Children's Resources in Collective Households in China
4:00~5:00 pm.
1/28(Thu)Xinzheng Shi
(Tsinghua University)
"International Worrkshop on Applied Microeconomics"
Status Inheritance Rules and Intrahousehold Bargaining
5:10~6:10 pm.
1/7(Thu)Dongshu Ou
(Chinese University Hong Kong)
Higher Education Expansion and Labor Market Outcomes for Young College Graduates
12/17(Thu)Takashi Hayashi
(University of Glasgow)
Implementation in Partial Equilibrium (with Michele Lombardi)In Japanese
11/26(Thu)Jawwad Noor
(Boston University)
Boundedly Rational Time Preference
11/19(Thu)Negesh Gavirneni
(Cornell University)
Behavioral Tendencies in Newsvendor Decision Making
11/5(Thu)Taro Akiyama
(Yokohama National University)
電力分野のイノベーションと電力自由化の経済分析In Japanese
8/28(Fri)Bram Driesen
(University of Glasgow)
A non-cooperative foundation for the continuous Raiffa solutionFriday from 16:00
7/30(Thu)Yuichiro Kamata
(University of California Berkeley)
Encouraging Word of Mouth: Free Contracts, Referral Programs, or Both?
7/23(Thu)Hidekazu Anno
(Waseda University)
On the operation of multiple matching marketsIn Japanese
7/16(Thu)Tamon Asonuma
(IMF Strategy Policy and Review Department)
Sovereign Debt Restructurings and the Short-term Debt Curse
7/13(Mon)Yukiko Asai
(Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo)
Overtime premium and hours of work: Lessons from the mandatory increase in the overtime premiumMonday
7/9(Thu)Lu, Yi氏
(The National University of Singapore)、
Zhu, Lianming(Kyoto University)
Do Place-Based Policies Work? Micro-Level Evidence from China.s Economic Zones Program
6/25(Thu)Tetsushi Murao
(Kyushu University)
Competition and growth through reallocation with heterogeous Schumpeterian
In Japanese
6/18(Thu)Shiko Maruyama氏
(University of Technology Sydney)
Why is birthweight important for human capital?                                In Japanese
6/11(Thu)Taro Akiyama
(Yokohama National University)
燃料電池分野におけるR&Dネットワーク、政府研究開発投資とR&D成果In Japanese
6/4(Thu)Toshihiro Yamada
(Hitotsubashi University)
Weak approximation with asymptotic expansion: application to computational financeIn Japanese
5/28(Thu)guo, peijun
(Yokohama National University)
Resolving St. Petersburg, Allais and Ellsberg paradoxes with the focus-based decision theoryIn Japanese
5/21(Thu)Hitoshi Shigeoka
(Simon Fraser University)
Can We Steer Income Comparison Attitudes by Information Provision?: Evidence from Randomized Survey Experiments in the US and the UK (with Katsunori Yamada)
4/9(Thu)John Gilbert氏
(Utah State University)