Center for Economic and Social Studies in Asia

CESSA, Center for Economic and Social Studies in Asia, Faculty of Economics, Yokohama National University was founded in April, 2012 for the purpose of improving the quality of research and education in the field of economic and social studies in Asia.

CESSA plays a central role in organizing and promoting a joint research project at the Faculty of Economics. Empirical and policy-oriented research is conducted on regional economic and social integration and socio-economic development in Asia.

Taking over from Center for International Trade Studies(CITS) that was established in 1978, CESSA possesses a rich library collection that covers annual reports, statistics, white papers, bulletins, journals on economics and the related fields. CESSA also has valuable materials from the early Showa period (the so-called "Yokohama Kosho Shiryo").

Name Courses Taught Specialization Personal HP or Seminar HP
Kiyotaka Sato Exchange Rate Economics International Money and Finance