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Faculty of Economics Annual Dialogues Party 2017

On Saturday, June 10, 2017, around 45 students, alumni and staff of YNU’s Faculty of Economics gathered in a Mejiro establishment to take part in the annual Dialogues party. Veterans of the three Dialogues run by the department – Euro-Japan Dialogue, Asia Dialogue, and Global Applied Economics Forum – came together to reminisce on their experiences. Current students from the 2017 cohorts were also in attendance, and were able to socialize with their seniors and gain the benefits of their insights garnered from academic exchange trips to Europe, China, Thailand, Australia and the USA.

The Dialogues commenced with Euro-Japan Dialogue in 2006. That year the program visited partner universities in Germany and France, and included company visits and cultural tours. In 2009 Asia Dialogue was established, taking students to YNU’s partner universities in China. In 2014, the first Global Applied Economics Forum (GAEF) was held at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. This Dialogue allows junior and senior students to build on their previous international education experiences in authentic academic settings overseas.

To date, approximately 200 students from Faculty of Economics have participated in the Dialogues. The Dialogues have taken place in 21 universities in 13 countries in Europe, as well as universities in Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Melbourne and Houston. In 2017 Euro-Japan Dialogue is scheduled to visit Lithuania and Estonia. Asia Dialogue will once again be held in Shanghai and Beijing, and GAEF will take place in Stockholm, Sweden. In total, 26 Economics students will participate in this year’s Dialogues.

At the party, veterans spoke of their fond memories of their international education experiences on the Dialogues, and how those experiences had helped them in their job hunting, and current careers. The connection between intercultural communication and enriched personal growth was often remarked upon. For the current cohort, the party was a chance to visualize the potential that Dialogues participation offers. The Dialogues are now firmly established as part of Faculty of Economics international strategy, and will grow and develop in the years to come.

Veterans and current students of Dialogues
Veterans and current students of Dialogues