Statistics Division: Database

Statistics Division: Database

The main objective of "Statistics Division: Database" is to construct and publish unique Asian economic and social statistics datasets.

YNU-Global Input-Output Database (YNU-GIO)

The database consists of 27 endogenous countries and 61 exogenous countries with 35 production sectors. CESSA is constructing the annual data of the YNU-GIO Tables from 2000 to 2010, which will be published on the website of ReCESSA by the end of 2012 fiscal year.

Industry Specific Effective Exchange Rates

CESSA and the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) is working together to construct and publish effective exchange rates in both nominal and real terms for 12 manufacturing industries and its average on a daily basis from 2005. The industry-specific effective exchange rates for Japanese yen are available through the RIETI website. CESSA and RIETI plan to publish the effective exchange rates for the Chinese renminbi and Korean won within the 2012 fiscal year. For other countries the data will be published subsequently.

East Asian Database Project (EADP)