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CITS WP 2012-02 Takaharu Shimada
Who Helps State Financing as "Fiscal Agent"? ~A Brief Comparison of Germany with Japan~(248KB)
CITS WP 2012-01 嶋田崇治
CITS WP 2011-05 Nguyen Cam Nhung
Is Exchange Rate Pass-Through Declining? Evidence from Japanese Exports to USA and Asia(136KB)
CITS WP 2011-04 N. S. Dhar and Jun-ich Okabe
Matching of ICDS birth register and PARI database in Warwat Khanderao(104KB)
CITS WP 2011-03 Aparajita Bakshi and Jun-ichi Okabe
A Note on Panchayat-level Official Databases in Warwat Khanderao(321KB)
CITS WP 2011-02 Aparajita Bakshi and Jun-ichi Okabe
Panchayat Level Data Bases: A West Bengal Case Study(453KB)
CITS WP 2011-01 Jun-ichi Okabe
Data Needs in the Panchayat: A new statistical domain emerging in rural India(705KB)
CITS WP 2009-02 Bac Xuan Nguyen
An empirical investigation of product variety measurement in trade(205KB)
CITS WP 2009-01 Anh Thu Nguyen and Craig Parsons
Import variety and productivity in Japan(107KB)
CITS WP 2008-03

Aparajita Bakshi and Jun-ichi Okabe
Panchayat Level Data Bases: A West Bengal Case Study(501KB)
Revised in September 2011.

CITS WP 2008-02 V. Surjit and Jun-ichi Okabe
A Case Study of Village-level Birth Records in India, Using a Census Type Data as a Point of Reference(382KB)
CITS WP 2008-01 Nagendra Shrestha and Kiyotaka Sato
An Estimation Algorithm of International Input-Output Table: How to Get an Unpublished Year Table(150KB)
CITS WP 2007-02 Craig Parsons and Kiyotaka Sato
New Estimates of Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Japanese Exports(186KB)
CITS WP 2007-01 Craig Parsons
Towards an Empirical Industrial Organization Analysis (New and Old) of the Japanese Beer Industry(112KB)
CITS WP 2006-03 Hiroyasu Uemura and Jian Wang
Japanese Multinational Firms in China and International Production Linkages: Changes in Interdependence between 1995 and 2000(551KB)
CITS WP 2006-02 Nagendra Shrestha and Yuichi Hasebe
An Input-Output Analysis of Economic Integration in East Asia(302KB)
CITS WP 2006-01 Chan-Hyun Sohn and Hongshik Lee
Trade Structure, FTA and Economic Growth: Implications to East Asia(130KB)
CITS WP 2005-14 Masanaga Kumakura
Trade and Business Cycle Correlations in Asia-Pacific(470KB)
CITS WP 2005-13 Masaru Umemoto
Fragmented Production in East Asia: The Impact of Economic Integration and Network Quality(78KB)
CITS WP 2005-12 Yuichi Hasebe and Nagendra Shrestha
Economic Integration in East Asia: A View from Interdependency in Intermediate Input Goods(213KB)
CITS WP 2005-11 Hiroyasu Uemura and Jian Wang
Japanese FDI in China and International Production Linkages: Their Effects on Japanese Firms and the Chinese Manufacturing Industry(545KB)
CITS WP 2005-10 Chan-Hyun Sohn and Hongshik Lee
How FTAs Affect Income Levels of Member Countries?(394KB)
CITS WP 2005-9 Craig Parsons and Kiyotaka Sato
Exchange Rate Pass-Through in East Asia(498KB)
CITS WP 2005-8 Kiyotaka Sato and Zhaoyong Zhang
Real Output Co-movements in East Asia: Any Evidence for a Monetary Union?(287KB)
CITS WP 2005-7 Eiji Ogawa and Junko Shimizu
AMU Deviation Indicator for Coordinated Exchange Rate Policies in East Asia and its Relation with Effective Exchange Rates(444KB)
CITS WP 2005-6 Kwanho Shin and Chan-Hyun Sohn
Trade and Financial Integration in East Asia:Effects on Co-movements(803KB)
CITS WP 2005-5 Masanaga Kumakura
Trade, Exchange Rates, and Macroeconomic Dynamics in East Asia:Why the Electronics Cycle Matters(631KB)
CITS WP 2005-4 Paul De Grauwe
The Eurozone: Problems and Prospects(206KB)
CITS WP 2005-3 Masaru Umemoto
Development of Intra-Industry Trade Between Korea and Japan:The Case of Automobile Parts Industry(165KB)
CITS WP 2005-2 Chan-Hyun Sohn
Dose the Gravity Model Fit Korea's Trade Patterns?Implications for Korea's FTA Policy and North-South Korean Trade(762KB)
CITS WP 2005-1 Zhaoyong Zhang and Kiyotaka Sato
Whither Currency Union in Greater China?(556KB)
CITS WP 2004-2 宇多 賢治郎
CITS WP 2004-1 Masanaga Kumakura
Fluctuations in the Yen/Dollar Exchange Rate, East Asian Business Cycles, and Asian Financial Crisis(584KB)
CITS WP 2003-2 Craig Parsons and Jeffrey Brown
The Future of the‘Asian Premium’for Crude Oil(533KB)
CITS WP 2003-1 Kiyotaka Sato, Zhaoyong Zhang and Michael McAleer
Shocking Aspects of East Asian Monetary Integration:An Optimum Currency Area Approach(243KB)

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